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About Us

Bobby's lifelong passion and ease in the kitchen has helped shape him into the man and business owner he is today. With over two decades of experience and home chef-ing behind him, Bobby has transformed the food truck community in NE Kansas to what it is today. But while owning and operating two unique food trucks is fun, and certainly keeps him busy, Bobby is also known for his impressive full-service catering spreads. While spending many years in the event industry, Bobby has learned what it takes to pull off first class events. He takes pride in bringing the best crew to make sure everything is taken care of from start to finish. Your menus are custom built, and he's even been known to pull off some extravagant foodie items... did someone say queso fountain? When Bobby isn't busy impressing brides, event planners, neighborhood HOA's, and corporate companies, you can find him spending time with his wife Caitlin, and their four children: Destiny, Antonio, Mariano, and Louis.



 gourmet hobbyist.

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